Classical and Jazz Quartet in New Orleans Videos/Audios

In The Mood (Cover) "Glenn Miller Orchestra"


La Réjouissance J.F.Handel from Water Music


Sous Le Ciel de Paris 


Canon in D 

J. Pachelbel


Te Deum

Marc-Antoine Charpentier


Don't Stop Belivin

Journey (short version)


Wonderful Tonight (cover)



At Last (cover) 

Etta James

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The most moving performance of the concert was Dorela Hyka-Berthelot's cello solo in Gabriel Faure's "After a Dream". Hyka-Berthelot is the Sinfonietta's Principal cellist and is co Principal cellist in the BRSO. To label her solo lyrical would be an understatement. She wasn't merely performing a solo,she was telling Faure's musical story, its moournful tones filled with overwhelming emotion.."The Advocate"  January 25 2011 by Robin Miller

"South Louisiana Wedding Music is an amazing group of performers who are reliable, professional and great to work with. Our clients could not be more pleased with their quality of work on one of the most important days of their life!" Sally F. Weddings

"Dorela Hyka is seen strumming the cello at WestsideMusic Academy  on W.Main Street"...February 9 2006 by Kayla Curcio (Westside Journal)

"Dorela(Do-Re-La)was borned in Tirana, the capital of Albania.There her father's influences, the Principal Cellist of the Opera House of Tirana for many years played a great part in her development...."July 2006 by Jeremy Cinman (Greater Baton Rouge Area, Town Favorites)

"What's better than one cello?" Lipsky said."four cellos" The recital uses the instrument's history and increasing esteem, to create for audiences what he calls "a celebration of cello"(cellist Arie Lipsky, Dorela Hyka, Heiki Palm, Leah Hagel) August 12 2004 "The Chautauquan Daily" New York

" I honestly don't know if I've ever worked with musicians who are as on point and aware and flawless as South Louisiana Virtuosi. 

Any time you hire professional string ensembles you expect the music that they play to be perfect but not always do you have a group who gives so much attention to exactly when to start and stop and change songs. They don't just show up and play just because they've been paid to do so. They honestly want the bride's day to be as perfect as possible. 

It's so refreshing to work with this company! Thanks, Dorela ! "  -Stacy Watts Parker owner of 'Gala Productions' 

"Would like to thank South Louisiana Virtuosi for their amazing performance at Matt and Kaylin's wedding in Grand Coteau this past weekend. As a wedding planner in South Louisiana and throughout the entire state, I can honestly say that their music is some of the best I've heard at a wedding ceremony! I cannot wait to work with them again! Truly a masterpiece !"

Kayla Jackson

Professional Wedding Planner

Louisiana State Manager, ABC




jazz quartet Jazz Quartet in New Orleans Jazz Quartet in Baton Rouge Cover CD


Can't Help Falling in Love


Hallelujah -Jeff Buckley


Wake me Up - Avicii


All You Need is Love